Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Take the Febreze noseblind challange!!! You will be amazed!

   Are you immune to the odors that live around you? No one in my household smokes, we can walk down an isle at our local Target and tell you who does smoke. We can smell it from a mile away, however the person who smokes can not smell it at all! Ihave no idea why they can6not smell it because even my toddler smells it! When you live in the envirment with an0odor you can not smell them any more. You are so accustom to them at that point its like part of you!

     Febreze wanted to test out the therory with a nose blind test! Four couples were invited over to my house to watch a movie. When they arrived at my house they took a survey about any smells they noticed. After some begging( and after all surveys were complete!) they told me wet dog all we smell is wet dog. I found this intresting as i had no idea i smelled nothing!!! ( I am pregnant and smell everything but nope not this) They even felt bad for telling me as i begged for help on if they smelled anything. We then popped some extra butter popcorn....oh boy the smell of buttered popcorn it filled the house!!!!! (much better then smelling wet dog!) we went on to watch our movie, Have you all seen Identiy Thief we all loved it! After the movie my friends took a few more surveys and at the end of the night and much more begging some of them smelled different things. Some still smelled wet dog. some popcorn and others smelled nothing! (guess they stayed to long lol)

     We broke out the Febreze products and went to work! These products are great they actually remove the odors! Its wonderful not to have to make your house smell like a rose garden, or a pine tree to make it smell nice! A nice fresh odor free house is the goal! The fabric spray worked great on the couch all the dog scent was gone and she lays there every day! The candle is great to leave going in any room of the house! The air spray is front in center in the bathroom and the plug in, Well my oldest ran off with that! ( its a good thing her room is full of messy teenage girl smells)

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine."

If you read this post till the end, Suprise there is also a give away with an awesome package just like the one i recieved!

Your package will include:

·         a 60.00 american express gift card! feel free to buy more Febreze !!!!!!!

· 1 Febreze Air Effects

· 1 Febreze Fabric Refresher

· 1 Febreze Noticeables with refill

· 1 Febreze Candle
How to enter>>>>
send a tweet please remember to use #noseblind and my twitter too
go like Febreze on Facebook and copy and paste in the comments on my facebook!
                go to pinterest and make a board of all the things you need to air out, send me the links to your board!
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

save an extra 10.00!!!!! BATTROBORG

walmart has this at a price cut of 59.97 thats a 20.00 savings!!!!! now there is an extra 10.00 off coupon!!!!!

whats Battroborg you ask: well its an awarding winning mation controlled battling robot game from Tomy!!!!!

Great for fathers day!!!jump over to my facebook face and grab the coupon

visit for tons of product details!

look forward to full color pictures and real reviews comming soon

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Raise A Giant

Bullying has become a huge problem over the years, and with the advanced age of social media it sometimes seems to make thing worse! Green Giant wants to help!!!!! please read below from Green Giant and Blog Spark and visit the website! Write to you kids you nieces and nephews your grand kids you can make a difference!
At Green Giant® we know it takes a lot more to raise a healthy child then just getting them to eat their vegetables. Kids these days live in a world that is bigger and scarier than the world we grew up in, and they need help and encouragement to navigate that world with confidence and pride.
Unfortunately one of the hardest things kids have to deal with is bullying. When a child is bullied by a peer it can turn his or her life into a daily gauntlet of fear and anxiety.
That’s why Green Giant® is partnering with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota to help parents Raise A Giant and put a stop to bullying in their community.

What Does it Mean To Be A Giant?
Being a giant isn’t about being the biggest or the best. Being a giant means standing up for others. It means lending a hand to those who are in trouble and speaking up for those who sometimes find it hard to speak up for themselves.
Studies show that an effective way to stop bullying is for kids to simply speak up and say, “That’s not okay” when they see bullying happening.
But asking kids to have the courage to stand up to bullying is a tall order and that’s why they need our help.
How Do You Raise A Giant?
We’re asking parents to write a letter to their kids telling them how special they are and encouraging them to be part of the bullying prevention solution by being a giant.
To get started parents can visit our community at and read the letters others have written.
Help Us Spread The Word:
1. Write a letter to your kids about standing up to bullying and post it on your blog and at See the included tip sheet for help getting started.
2. Encourage your community to write their own letters and post them at
3. Share the Raise a Giant Video, Infographic, and Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Bullying on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
4. Change your Facebook profile picture to the Raise A Giant icon to show your support.
With your encouragement we can help all of our kids create a safer, happier world
Please note that it is very important that you disclose the following information:
“Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Green Giant® through MyBlogSpark.”

Monday, September 23, 2013

Leap frog new Leapreader Grab one for christmas!!!!!!

Leap Frog is know for there high quality learning products from things like scout and tag systems!

July 0f 2013 Leap Frog released the Leapreader. It retails for 49.99 but just this week Target has it on sale for 44.99.

Unlike the tag this helps with writing! The tag system is great we have both the tag jr and te tag, but this leapreader takes it to a whole new level! its geared toward ages 4-8.

The leapreader sounds out words, reads sentences, practice writing letters and numbers, learn songs, has trivia challenges and so much more!

The leapreader libary has more then 150 books, maps, flash cards, learn to write sets, music, and more! its available in green or pink. Comes with a super cute sampler book and 4 apps a 20.00 value! inclues a USB rechargable battery ( this is a huge savings!!!!!) holds audio for up to 40 books or 175 songs. (you can mix and match its not just one or the other) Tons of tag books work with this new reader! check out the website for a complete list of tag books that work with the new reader!

Please check out the website at

Mom Select and Leapfrog were very generous in suppling the needed tools to do a school party por prek, k and 1st graders! This was a ready set read and write party!!!!!!

to begin this was super easy for all the kids to use, with this tech age some kids have ipads before they start school. The kids had no idea they were learning, they were just having fun! I got asked about tag books the most yes yes yes most of them work with the new reader. The second most asked question will this write on my couch???? the ne leapreader had the ability to help with writing, however its on special paper (think crayola color wonder)

One of the coolest adds are flash cards, my kids love flash cards and to add a fun learning toy with them its like fireworks! with the new movie Monster University the reader has a new Monster University 3D book how cool is that????? the kids love it they know all the character and are excited to read it for themselves and spell the names.

But the mess free paper has most parents on board they love that they can help there kids write on the couch , in the car, at grandmas!

This package was supplied to me on behald of momselect  mommy parties,and leapfrog all thoughts and learning experiences are my own no monatary payouts were recieved.

Children's Claritin Back to School Allergy Tips 2013

As a Children's Claritin mom i get lots of helpful advice to pass on to you!

First we will start by using the suggested allergy tips from children's Claritin

1 Be sure to have Children's Claritin, the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy allergy brand on hand! ( this is very important be sure to store some in the car incase!, also leave a spare bottle at grandmas!)

2 Multi-vitamins are building blocks to having a strong immune system. Make taking a multi-vitamin part of your childs daily routine. ( with all the great brands and flavors this should be so easy my daughter loves flintstone vitamins.)

3 Let there be light! Mold does not like sunlight, so try to keep your curtins open during the day.Should be easy during the summer months. (here is Maine this is great advice for the fall/winter too as it helps warm out the house already have seen frost here!)

4 Did you know that most pillows trap allergens, dust mites, and bacteria? Monitor the cleaniness of the pillow your child with allergies sleeps on and replace if necessary. (why not start your childs back to school routine off with new pillows!)

5 Back to school season means lots of laundry for many moms. Besure to remove laundry from the washer promptly. Allowing wet clothes to sitin the washer means mold can quickly grow there. (why not set your kitchen timer for however long your washer runs and see how many games of uno or go fish you can play)

6 Monitor pollen countsand adjust outdoor before and after school activities accrodingly. Dry, Windy days can be particularly high in pollen ( make forts inside )

7 Showering or bathing at the end of the day as opposed to in the morning can be helpful in removing allergens from body surfaces and hair.  ( use lavendar soap its relaxing and helps promote sleep)

8 Stay hydrated! Always send your child to school with a bottle of water. Drinking lots of clear fluids through the day can help get rid of toxins and flush out the body. (use fun water bottles like brita kids sports bottles, they are great for the enviroment)

9 Peak pollen production typically occurs in early morning, so try to plan outside activities at other times of the day. ( i am of no help here all my kids are NOT early birds!)

Wow that was alot of great advice Thanks children's Claritin!!!!!!

also would you like to help with something????  childrens Claritin has teamed up with KaBOOM to pring play spaces to schools/childrens in need! please go vote  between now and 10/31 to cast your vote

As a member of the Children's Claritin mom crew, i recieve product samples and promotional items to share and use as i see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expresses by me ar honest adn reflect my actual experience!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Luvs has a new diaper on the way and you are going to love them!

 when Luvs asked me if i would be willing to review there product, i thought about it for a while. I had used Luvs in the past however they were not my first choice. I did not believe they had the sof outter shell that some of the other brands had and they seemed to hold as well thru the night as other brands. I decided that it was worth giving them a chance again, I am so glad i did!!!!! Luvs new diaper have night lock and they have a softer cover as well! My daughter sleeps 14 hour nights and tosses and turns alot! These new diapers held up wonderful! I have been using them for over a week and not one leak, not once has a side tab let go, and they allow her to move freely without and elastic sides leaving marks on her from her super busy toddler days!

     These new Luvs with night lock will be avail starting sept 16th i was super lucky to get an early sneak peak! My daughtr likes to pick out her own diaper so we keep trhem low in a draw, these new diaper come with 2 designs per box so it also helps with learning to pick and choose which one she likes and she loves having a choice!

     You really should give them a try you will never turn back, but just incase you do Luvs has a money back guarantee. Go ahead and try to beat that!

     Keep your eye on for the  first time ever they will have print at home oupons!

Pleas go vist my facebook for a chance to win a pack of your own!!!!!

check out www,

  • Luvs Homepage:
  • Luvs Twitter:
  • Luvs Facebook: .
  •  “This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Luvs. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine." 

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    the first years new pump and target discount

    I recieved a wonderful email about the first years new pump, sale at target, and contest!!!
    The newest product from the award-winning Breastflow line of bottles and pumps, the Memory Pump features an easy-to-use digital touch screen that automatically records data – like date, time, and suction speed - from mom’s last 10 sessions, for maximum efficiency. The Breastflow Memory Pump by The First Years takes the thinking out of pumping, so mom can focus more on creating cherished memories with her beautiful baby.

    In addition to providing convenience for busy on-the-go moms, another standout feature of the Memory Pump is its price. As I’m sure you know, competitor products with similar features often run upwards of $300. The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump retails for $179.99 in Target stores and on, and even better… from Aug. 18 to Aug. 24, all The First Years products will be 10% off on, including the new Breastflow Memory Pump!