Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free good housekeeping book arrived

a few weeks ago i saw an ad that if i mail in a reciept for 25.00 worth of glade scense and sprays they would mail me this book. well just before i saw that cvs had them on sale for 5.00 and i have several 4.00 off coupons so i had 40.00 worh so i mailed in my reciept. i have already read over the book and then i listed in on (its a wonderful site you need to check it out, you list 10 books you are willing to mail to others and you get 2 free credits for any 2 books in there system.. and when ever anyone request a book from you you pay to mail it when they recieve it you get another credit to get another free book its great) Some one already wants this book, so its off in the mail and soon i will get another book!!

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