Saturday, April 7, 2012

childrens claritin mom crew

I am super happy to report that i am on the childrens claritin mom crew! Just what does that men for you???????? It means the latest news, samples and give-a-ways. With this super wacky weather here in the state of Maine, allergies have already started, and its so hard to see those super cute kids suffer! Our normal super go happy kids become tired, run down, and lets face it cranky! Childrens claritin comes in a wonderful grape flavor and is avail as both a chewable tablet and liquid. Childrens claritin provides 24 hour relief, feel free to discuss it with you childs pediatrician!
please pop on over to facebook and like them. Also visit feel free to ask questions. Those people at claritin love questions!

As a member of childrens claritin mom crew i recieve product samplesand promotional items to share and use as i see fit. No monetary compsenation has taken place and all opions here are my own and not influcened in any way

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