Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby Shower With Tortle Gifts!!!!!

I know for some you only have a baby shower for the first baby. For others only if the babies are 5 or more years apart, or of different genders. For others its for every baby!!! I fall in the latter, i believe every baby is a blessing and deserves to be showered in gifts!

The only problem with this.....what to buy for baby #4? Well thanks to Dr. Jane we have a perfect, practitcal affordable gift! A tortle! What is a Tortle you ask? Its a super soft, super cute hat that helps with flat head syndrome. ( plain white or super cute prints for both girls and boys) ( its also FDA cleared)

What is flat head syndrome? Plagiocephaly , flat spots develop on the infants skull. Torticollis, when an infants neck muscles become tight on one side causing a tilt head. Sometimes babies are born with the issue, sometimes it happends due to babies sleeping on their backs for 16+ hours a day!

The tortle has a support roll that is super soft and can be turned to the right and left sides, so you adj. sides after each nap or break from a long car ride!

check them out at or look them up on face book! be sure to like them!

save when you buy one by using code showers13 ( you will get 10% off)

please note: all thoughts and my own mom select and tortle by Dr Jane supplied me with 2 tortles to gift and a gift card for the being the hostess!

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