Sunday, October 18, 2009

Free meds at Rite-Aid

Rite aid has lots of free after rebate meds this week can you believe the regular price of all this stull would cost 122.67 the sale price was 85.87 i had 15.00 worth of coupons costing me 70.87 and i will get a cash rebate for the 85.87 so they paid me 15.00 to take all these meds, you can only send in rebates once per month and the rebate for oct will be more then 160.00. They only take about 3-4 weeks to arrive and rite aid takes the jc penny credit card so i charge everything to that card and pay it in full with the rebate check and then spend what ever extra money i made during the month..some months it can be more then 50.00 extra
CVS also had free glade candles by taking advantage of there extra buck program, they are reg 9.99 on sale for 6.99 and in the all you mag there were 3.00 off coupons, so spend 3.99 (if you have no extra bucks) and get an extra buck for 6.99 off your next purchase

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