Saturday, October 17, 2009

target trip today!!

went to target on the way to shaws got a few good deals (at target if you are lucky enough to have any target coupons you can use them with a manf coupon for the same item)

luvs diapers 7.49 - 1.00 off target coupon - 5.00 off manf coupon (these were on a few weeks ago and just got mine in the mail) =1.49 for a pack of diapers

baby einstein dvds 14.99 each there was a coupon attatched to one that was a manf coupon buy 2 save 10.00 i also had 2 target coupons for 5.00 off any baby einstein dvd so final cost 9.98 for both!!

also some of the johnson and johnson baby products were 15-30% off and they still have some bonus sizes for 2.99 i got the pink bottle baby wash sale 2.54 uses 1.00 off target q and 1.00 off manf q for a total cost of 54 cents

i also got the bonus johnsons bubble bath and wash 2.99 - 1.00 target q and - 1.00 manf q and johnson is offering a deal that if you buy this product you can mail your reciept off for a free bath toy frog set for free ...not bad for a 99 cent item.

Will write about my rite aid deals tommorow lots of meds free after rebate and there are some coupons that make them a money maker!!

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