Thursday, July 12, 2012

thredup great way to make extra money

After bringing a van full of clothes to the local resale shop and leaving with 185.00, i still had enough for a yard sale. Yard sale day 1 all clothes 25 cents tons left, yard sale day 2 fill a bag for 1.00 having just 1 tote left i had enough to fill a thread up bag. By the way they send you the bag for free and they pay shipping back to them its a win win!!! thinking i would be lucky to get 5.00 after all the people who had picked thru them i was totaly suprised to see 26.80 added to my account. you have the choice to spend it on there site for some wonderful brand name clothes or cash it out in pay pal. head over and check them out at
i was not compansated for this post, just thought you would enjoy the tip!

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