Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinypon and Nenuco baby doll review

What a great day to come home and find a box so huge on your porch you wonder how they got it in the door. Whats in the box you ask......tons of pinypons!!!! I know whats a pinypon? A pinypon is a small doll that comes apart in several pieces ie. leggs, hair, face,arms. the face is 2 sides so you can change how they feel, you can also change them with other pinypon dolls. There are also sets to go with them like hotels and caravans. So let the party begin.....12 girls and pinypons can create a huge mix match of items!!! They love being able to mix and match the pieces they even created a huge fashion show complete with prizes. The only draw back to these is some of the super small pieces that feel like legos when you step on them ( trust me i know)
     Tons of the comments i heard were how cool the 2 sided faces were, they could be happy one minute then silly the next. The caravan also got great reviews with the amount of pieces that came with it and how cool it was to be able to put cups in the fridge! 
be sure to check pinypons out at and or look at the collection online at

Another huge hit was the Nenuco newborn doll, it drinks and pees this is very exciting to a child who is not changing real babys diapers several times a day! Whats really nice about this it requires no batteries!!!!! That itsself is a huge treat to any parent as batteries are expensive. you can also check them out at

disclaimer: all thoughts are my own or of the children at the party. I was not paid or influnsusend in anyway. i did recieve free products for my children and there friends


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