Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet

What a wonderful opertunity i had! Random House and Mommy parties let us have a Mommy party!
I am sure you have all heard of wellness consulant Haylie Pomroy! She has worked with both Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez!

Well she has a wonderful new book The Fast Metabolism Diet! It is a wonderful read, easy to understand, filled with great recipies of REAL food. Good food great food that you will actually want to eat. It has four full weeks of plans and menus! After reading the first few pages i knew this was very different from most diet books on the market. There is a real plan with real food you can pick from so your not stuck eating something you hate (we all know if you dont like the food you will never stay on the plan!) This is also one of the easiest plans i have seen to follow, its easy the food is easy to make and does not require you to go to the health food store and spend 10 times your grocery budget.

The recipies are good, i had a few who were like you want me to eat what? However after trying a few bites they were like WOW i would have never tried that thanks!

The philosophy is food is not the enemy! ( i know you are all laughing but its true)

Thank you so much Mommyparties and Random House!!!!!
 I would also love to give a shout out to AppleGate, Artisana, Crock-Pot and Celestial Seasonings as they provided some wonderful extras that made the meal planning for the party super easy and gave the guests some wonderful stuff to sample and take home including a book of there own!!!

I was not paid for this review these thoughts are my own and its wonderful i was supplies samples to try and a book to review !!!

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