Thursday, June 20, 2013

Childrens Claritin!!!!!

Mommy parties and childrens claritin have teemed up together to host a spring in your step mom meet up! I was super lucky to be a claritin mom and get in on this action!

Childrens claritin is # 1  pediatrician recommended, 24 hour, non-drosy allergy medication!

Having a child with allergies can be rough, you feel so bad and so much of it is beyond your control. For example we just had a yard sale here in maine. I had my stuff on black tables. By the end of the yard sale my tables were yellow! Sometimes you see all the neighbor kids outside playing, but your poor child has watery eyes! Childrens Claritin is here to help!

Thanks to mommy parties and Childrens Claritin we has a watery eye free day! their were new moms who have never had to deal with allergies before they loved sharing tips and ideas with all the other moms. Some of these parents were allergy sufferers as kids and know their kids are suffering too!

Enjoy a few pictures of our Claritin day!

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